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Audiovisual  Projects

Sound Art, the collection of a series of on location interviews and thematic Videos, have increasingly become a key and ongoing element in linking the concept, expression and delivery of my work. To give an overview here are sample clips that formed part of three exhibitions/installations, ‘360° of the Reek’, ‘Where Are We…’ and ‘Between Tides and Peripheries’. s

‘Where Are We…’, an Arts Show documentary was relayed live through five ‘old school horn speakers’ which were placed in three isolated locations, these been filmed as the broadcast aired. This is a clip from 37 minute looped audio/visual. I would like to acknowledge this project’s many collaborators. Breda Burns.

‘Borders and Peripheries’, a frenetically paced time-lapse video, created using 1,400 stills, gives way to a slower, black-and-white film section towards the end. It was shot without break over six hours at ‘the mudflats’ between tides. Breda Burns and Frank O’ Reilly. 

‘360 degrees’, a clip from 30 minute video loop, filmed in one take while circumnavigating the reek. This was altered using colour filters to achieve a painterly dynamic. Breda Burns and Frank O’Reilly.